Monday, January 31, 2011

Not Important

So our assignment over the weekend was to use our new vocabulary on media and advertising to write a paragraph about advertising.

I was uninspired by the assignment, until I hit upon something to write about that interested me.

The Super Bowl!

So I talked a bit about how my journalism professor had said that newspapers existed to provide an audience to advertisers. An annoying thought for a young journalist, but there is a lot of truth to it. And I said that to the same extent, television shows also exist to provide an audience to advertisers.

And the Super Bowl provides one of the largest audiences, so much so that 30 second spots are going for a cool $3 mil this year.

All perfectly legitimate to talk about in Estonian.

But you'd be disappointed if I wasn;t a smart ass, right?

So I said that for this year's Super Bowl, the Pittsburgh Steelers were playing "some other team." After I finished, my teacher asked for some clarification. Like, who was Pittsburgh playing.

Some other team.

My classmate, who is not much of a football fan (a serious flaw, but I like him, so I'll let it pass), tried to help by trying, unsuccessfully, to come up with the name of the other team.

And my teacher asked, "so you don't know who is playing Pittsburgh?"

Oh I know, I answered.

But it isn't important. ;)

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Nomads By Nature said...

My hubby would say the same thing!