Saturday, January 22, 2011

That Made Me Feel Good

So our homework for yesterday was to read Little Red Riding Hood and then write a dialogue where Little Red Riding Hood tells her mother about everything that happened.

In Estonian, of course.

First, it has been a long time since I read the fairy tale, and I can't remember if I read a German or American version, and what happened to the wolf in the end. I didn't remember him dying. But he probably did.

At any rate, it was pretty close to how you remember it. LRRH goes through the woods to take a cake to her sick grandmother. Meets a talking wolf. Wolf runs ahead, eats grandma and dresses in her clothes and waits in her bed for LRRH.

You remember, right? Why do you have such big ears? All the better to hear you with.

So I wrote my dialogue. But I can't just be boring right? Apparently our teacher liked it. Because when I finished, she asked for a copy. She said she likes to keep copies of some assignments for later.

She's never asked for mine made me feel good.

So my dialogue went something like:

LRRH: So mom, you'll never guess what happened.
Mom: What happened?
LRRH: I went to grandma's like you asked.
Mom: Good, how is grandma?
LRRH: She's
Mom: Now?
LRRH: She got eaten.
Mom: That's nice. Wait, what?!
LRRH: Yes, she got eaten by the talking wolf.
Mom: Wolves don't talk.

She goes on to tell her mother about how the wolf was in the bed and she thought it was grandma.

Mom tells her she needs to go to the doctor.

She tells Mom that the woodsmen saved them and they all had dinner together.

Mom says didn't she tell LRRH not to talk to strangers!

And then LRRH says that is was fine. But that the real problem was that the woodsmen sewed stones into the wolf's stomach, and that when he went down to the river, the stones pulled him under and he drowned.

And that now, PETA was coming after them!

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Anonymous said...

That is hilarious. I've noticed the fairy tales are much more gruesome and frightening here in Austria. Go figure. My new favorite is the day where the devil scares the bejeezus out of children right before Christmas juuuuustt in case they forgot who was *really* in charge.