Thursday, January 13, 2011

Clown Car

Today was area studies again, and so I welcome you to the latest episode of "how many people can we fit into this classroom?"

Several languages have just started new classes. Among them, Polish. So we had lots of new people in our classroom.

Now you might remember my previous complaint. We have some 45 students in class and seats for 36.

Well, no one has left.

We don't have a new room.

And now we have MORE students. Awesome.

As my friend S said, it was like fitting people into a clown car (wish I could take credit for that. I rewarded her for her creativity by annoying her while she was trying to study a flashcard program in her language on her phone by saying the Estonian version of those words. And yet Kolbi at A Daring Adventure thinks I am a nice person!).

Our speakers were some folks from INR's Opinion Research shop, and as you should already know, I really like INR. They did a good job.

Our new instructor was absent. No idea why.

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Nomads By Nature said...

I dare you to wear a clown nose to class and take a picture!