Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I Have a Past

And I am ridiculously giddy about it.

No, not that kind of past. I'm the one who got my clearance in 2.5 months...that should tell you a lot about my actual past.

Which is to say I am pretty boring!

No, what I mean is that we now have a past tense in language.

Unlike many languages, future tense is really pretty easy in Estonian. Because there isn't one. You just use the present tense and add a time in the future. As in, "I am reading tomorrow."

For past tense, we have been using present perfect. But now, we can use a real past.

I'm a makes me really happy to say "I was" instead of "I have been"!

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Daniela Swider said...

Yes, you are a nerd but you are not alone. Sometimes "I have been" just doesn't cut it and knowing how to say "I was" can be so satisfying. Yey for you!!!