Thursday, January 27, 2011

Both annoyed and thankful

Last night, I had to pick my wife up from Main State. I got there at 5:00.

We got home at 8:15.

We only live 4 miles from Main State.

To be fair, we did stop for a potty break at a Harris Teeter. That accounted for the extra 15 minutes.

Along the way, I got progressively more annoyed. I do think that the government should have dismissed folks sooner, like oh say BEFORE the snow started in full force. But that is not my real complaint.

My real complaint is with the snow plows.

I did not see a single one with its blades down, even when they were not on the traffic packed side of the road. The road by my house, which is a main road, had not been plowed AT ALL when we got home. And there were no cars blocking the way.

And the abandoned buses...really not cool. There were FOUR in a one block stretch. This was before they were called off at 9...and they made the traffic worse by making the passable areas even more narrow.

Still, I am grateful.

We picked a place close enough to both Main State and FSI that we could have walked. Our condo is tiny, but we usually have a 10 minute commute. So I am grateful our commute last night was ONLY three hours. I hear there are people stuck in their cars today.

AND...we still have power. Glad the builders of our condo in 1978 had the forethought to bury the lines.

AND...we have a 4X4 so we can get around.

AND...and I never thought I'd be saying this, I am grateful for the winter I spent in Syracuse because I am comfortable driving in the snow.

AND finally, I am grateful all of my friends seem to have gotten home safely. That one is probably the most important of all.

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TSB said...

I'm glad you got home safely. I left work early enough that I didn't run into too many problems until I took a side street - big mistake - for the last mile to my house. My son drove for seven hours past abandoned buses and cars in ditches to get home. I was never happier to see him.