Thursday, January 20, 2011

Area Studies

Area studies is better, at least in that the instructor knows something more than one country.

But seriously, is it not possible for him to teach without all the self-aggrandizing?

And maybe he could conceal the distain he feels for government employees, since that is who he is teaching!


In other news, I finally went and got the report on my progress test. Yes, the text I took in, um, November?

I should have gone sooner...then I would remember the positive things the instructor said at the time rather than the only negative things the LTS wrote (we never write down the positive because we don't have much space, she says).

At least they said I was doing well and on track.


Diplogeek said...

We're supposed to be filling out course evaluations for our area studies class pretty soon- maybe it'll be the same for you guys? If so, I say go to town. If that instructor finds government employees so distasteful, maybe it's not a good fit. And really, if he's teaching at FSI and getting paid by Ma State, doesn't that make him a government employee?


Anonymous said...

Time for the Weekly State Department Round Up and you're on it. Please let me know if you would like to be removed, broken links etc.