Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh Look. I'm Stupid Again

I admire my teacher's patience.

It is not a gift I share. Especially with myself.

I had been feeling reasonable confident lately...boy did that go away today. Now I am back to feeling stupid.

The endings are really hard, and a case I thought I was getting a handle on seems to have been wiped from my brain.

And it is one of the three most important/common cases.

So shoot me. Please.

My teacher, because she is patient with my stupidity, has not volunteered.

In other news, I have purchased boots. I ordered a couple pairs of Merrells from zappos.com since they have a one-year return policy...so if it is uncomfortable, I can send them back. I went to REI yesterday and tried on a pair of Sorel Caribous, but they aren't comfortable on my calves. Too bad, since they look like they'd be excellent for the snow there.


Connie said...

You are NOT stupid! This sort of training is like a physical workout. No pain, no gain. This is the hard bit, where your brain cells are being stretched to the limit and are, naturally, sore and feeling weak. Give it a day or so and you'll be jumping verbs, lifting heavy vocab, and running an extra case in record time. Rest your brain a bit and put ice on the sore bits (or just go outside.. from what I'm seeing on the news, that should be close enough) and you'll be recovered in no time. (Is that reassuring and pseudo-scientific enough?)

Erin G said...

You'll be happy with the Merrells. And your Estonian again. At some point.

Hey at least this post title made me laugh. :)

Lisa said...

Hi Digger,
The B Files and I are hoping to organize a local FS blogger meetup, so we're getting together for lunch tomorrow (1/25) at FSI from 11:30-12:30 to hatch a plan. If you're available and interested, please join us. We're planning to meet at a table by the windows near the front entrance side of the dining room. Please feel free to publicize to others who might want to join us--all are welcome.
Lisa (& Paul) of

Paul Benjamin: Writer, Editor, Supermodel

Lisa said...

Whoops, I meant Wednesday, 1/26!

Digger said...

@Lisa, Wednesday is great! I get done with class at 11:30 on Wednesday, so count me in!

@ Erin, I hope so. I am on my second pair of Merrells...just walking shoes, but they are really comfortable! So I hope that translates to snow boots!

@Connie, I took a walk with the dog and so we'll see if that helped me enough to get my five tons of homework done!

Jen said...

I agree with Erin, Merrells are awesome. They are pretty much all I wore when we were in Iceland. Stylish, but good traction!