Monday, May 10, 2010

Welcome to the 153rd!

The 153rd A-100 starts today, and to celebrate, I have moved the blogs written by members of this class out of the future FSO blogroll and into the blogroll of FSO blogs. So a hearty welcome to:


from the back of beyond

Herding Cats

Livingroom Friends

Pantsuits and Pearls


Worldwide Availability

Also, I got an email from an FSO from the 152nd who said, after reading the poists and comments here and elsewhere about going public, that he had decided to make his blog public as well. So I invite you to check out Fawda Munathema.

The new class will be in The Building today. If you see them, say hello and welcome to the Foreign Service. We are all made better when good people join us!


Eph-Oh said...

Lovely meeting you!

eve said...

thanks so much for the welcoming nod! It is wonderful to be here, loving DC. I'm looking forward to my orientation Thursday. Speaking of which, I believe you've listed my blog as FSO instead of EFM, which I am. Again, much much gratitude.

Digger said...

I fixed that Eve!