Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Could be worse. Could be raining.

So I am still time travelling. My EER is for the period I actually worked, but apparently it will take me a year to make it effective. Sigh.

But it could be worse.

A friend got hers done LONG before I did.

She JUST got it bounced back. Apparently the program spit out all her changes and replaced them with upside down question marks.


Really wish I could write the rating statement for the person getting credit for the ePerformance rollout.

ON EDIT: Just found two upside down question marks in mine. Fabulous. Now, do I pull it back and try to fix it, risking more crap getting inserted (since I KNOW it didn't have those when I submitted it because it had done the same thing when I pasted the test into ePerformance, so I combed it thoroughly for errors) or do I just say f*ck it?


Katherine and Phil said...

pull it back.

Daniela Swider said...

I say F it. If their interface inserts ?s in, chances are they know about it by now and won't hold it against you. Who comes up with those things anyway and why are they always buggy. I was just filling out my application for the FSOT the other day and got a similar thing. I needed to use a couple of 's but they got replaced with &&s that I know I didn't put in. I tried to fix them at least 10 times but the interface just wouldn't take 's. What am I supposed to do???