Monday, May 24, 2010


I has it. Seriously.

It is like I am days away from summer vacation. I haven't had it this bad since I joined the Foreign Service.

Even when I left Jerusalem, I knew I had only 5 weeks of home leave (ONLY! Home leave is awesome!) and then I had to return to work.Even though it was a (thankfully) different job.

And this time, I am not even getting time off. At least not until August (when I will be abandoning you for an Alaska occurred to me there might not be internet on the cruise, which sort of frightens me).

But I will be back in school. And though I will probably be tired of it with about 5 minutes, right now, it seems like vacation. 17 more working days until I can wear jeans to work.Until I can work a normal length work day. Until I can sleep just a little later. Until I don't have to schedule my running days around my "short" days at work. And I am finding it hard to work at all now...really, what can I accomplish in so little time?

Plus, my EER is done. So anything I accomplish won't do me any good!

Speaking of my EER, apparently I am one of the 10% of the Foreign Service who got it in on time (and ePerformance crashed on Friday, so people shooting for getting it in at the last possible minute are screwed). I find that kind of funny, considering how long I procrastinated. I look positively responsible!

Of course, my EER is still set in the future. The dates covered are now correct but it is still effective in 2011. Too bad I can't go back and add "Time Traveller" to it. Surely THAT is worth getting promoted! On the down side, I can't tell you anything about the future, because it would cause a shift in the space-time continuum and we would all explode.


A Daring Adventure said...


Just DON'T tell all your bloggin' homies how it is in the year ahead. Just make us all wait. NICE.


By the way, too awesome on the Alaska cruise! And the idea of not having internet is a wonderful thing... It will be sooooo freeing for you guys!

And I'll just have to get over myself. Because I'm used to having you at the end of the immediate internet communication network At. All. Times.

Hello? What will we do without you?

So it will be great for you and bad for us. But I'm willing to sacrifice my own needs for your greater good during Cruise Time in August.

It will suck.

And in exchange all I ask is that you at LEAST post (a?) scenery picture(s) on your blog when you get back. Because everyone will have to sacrifice. The least we should be given in exchange for having to do without Your Brilliant Self is (a?) picture(s) of mountains/waterfalls/water/icebergs/a whale, or something otherwise Alaskan Cruiseish.

Also because some of us may never go see those sorts of nifty things in real life (read: moi) and need to live vicariously.

Digger said...

I have since learned that there IS internet on the cruise! Woohoo! No withdrawal.

Fair warning though: My posts my devolve to "look at the cool thing I saw today" during that week.

And of course you will see all these kinds of nifty things...that is one of the perks of FS life! You will probably see one of these things on my bucket list (the Great Wall) LONG before I do!

Sara said...

Your schedule is going to be awesome at FSI! Depending on your language you'll be in "class" for four or five hours. It's amazing.