Monday, May 03, 2010

Because it wasn't bad enough...

This morning I learned that I have to put my EER into ePerformance.


Because everyone is LOVING that program so much.

And because I needed one MORE thing to do on my EER (which has not progressed at ALL since last week).

Luckily I have everything saved in the theory is I can cut and paste.

Tomorrow, I shall wear red shoes, click my heels together three times, and chant: "There's no place like FSI, There's no place like FSI."


Jill said...

This is the first year we didn't take a vacation, go on R&R, or medevac during the month of April - May ... in 7 years ... and the first time Matt did his EER so flipping early (due to leaving for 6 weeks of training) that he got his stresses out of the way and ruined our month of March. Kidding. sort of...

But I feel for y'all... as a spouse watching everyone writing their hearts out ... and reading and re-reading EERs it just isn't a fun time.

Good luck - and get that monkey off your back!

Katherine and Phil said...

Careful with the cut and paste from Word. E-Performance tends to turn apostrophes, dashes, bullet points, and other random things into upside down question marks (or something).

It also sometimes switches fonts 1/2 way through an EER, and does not have the same character count in the various sections as the DS Form.

And hey, have fun!

Digger said...

There is an awesome comment on the sounding board about ePerformance. I am trying to get the author's permission to repost it here.

Unknown said...

re: the cut and paste -- you can have word take out the formatting, or just save your document in "rich text format" and then cut and paste from the saved version. It SHOULD get rid of Word's special characters which show up wacky in any software that isn't Word.