Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Do You?

Yesterday was fun. I got to meet a few of the new FSOs (and even better, some of the new blogger FSOs!) while they were standing in the Exhibit Hall in the never-ending badge line (and you thought the waiting part was done once you started A-100!).

While I was down there, I had a discussion with one person about Facebook. He was contemplating deleting his FB account. Apparently they hit the new folks with the DS "blogging/social networking is bad" lecture on day one now...but they couple it with the HR "blogging/social networking is awesome" lecture. Mixed message much?

Anyway, I later had a similar discussion with a colleague in my office later in the day. She is a self-avoided FB/blog/Twitter/Link-In hater. She refuses to do any of it.

You might have gathered, I feel quite the opposite. I am not sure I am a first adopter, but I am pretty darned close (though I am just NOT getting an iPad. Not doing it. Even if the videos of the cats playing piano on it make it look pretty cool). Obviously I blog. I also FB, Tweet (both personally (as Digger) and for GLIFAA) and have a linked-in account (I don't use it much but I see the value of using it as a PD officer at post). I even have a myspace account...but I never use it. But blogs and FB, it would be pretty safe to say I am an addict. Wonder how I found all those blogs on my blogroll? I search the blogosphere every day, usually twice.

There is probably a twelve-step program for this somewhere.

In my defense, at least where FB is concerned, it really is a great tool for those of us with friends around the world to stay in touch. My good friend from Jerusalem who is now in Afghanistan? I don't have to worry when something blows up there because she will put up a status update saying she is okay.

Anyway, I am curious. Which forms of social media do you use? Are you a casual user or an addict? What do you like/hate about them? And for those who are recent to the FS, what are your thoughts in terms of keeping/ditching your accounts. With the one person who was considering deleting his, I argued for him keeping it...because how else am I going to follow him as he goes around the world?!


Sasha said...

I blog and have a FB account, and while I love my blogs, I am so over FB. Every time they change some privacy setting without telling us, I fantasize about ditching them. They're so skeezy.

But yes, becoming an international nomad with friends in the US I'd like to keep in touch with is a reason to keep it. And even more maddeningly compelling - for my background investigation for my security clearance, there are people I needed to get in touch with who I would simply not have been able to track down were it not for FB. This swirling vortex of privacy violations and sketch is helping me get my security clearance. I hate that. But I'll (hopefully) be doing this again in a few years, so FB stays. :-\

Digger said...

I hadn't even though about it as a security clearance aid! Excellent!

I agree the privacy settings are annoying...I go in regularly and make sure mine haven't been reset. Seems like private should be the default, but that doesn't make them money.

David L. said...

The facebook monster is evil! Spread the word!

Diplogeek said...

If you were who I think you were yesterday, thanks for the M&Ms!

I blog, have a FB account and use Linkedin. I have a Twitter account, but I almost never use it, mostly because I don't have all that much that I feel I can do with it. I agree with Sasha's take on Facebook- I also had friends that I was only able to contact for my security clearance through Facebook, but their constant manipulation of their privacy policies and GUI in order to make keeping private things private as confusing as possible is skeevy. I also fantasize about kicking them to the curb. They're pretty awful, but until something better comes along, I've stripped my profile down considerably and check my privacy settings regularly. So yeah, boo Facebook, but there's not really a viable alternative out there right now.

Connie said...

I like FB and blogger, primarily as a way to keep in touch. It is my best connection home. Phone, even Skype or Vonage, is iffy, and email is slow and uninspiring. As to whether I am addicted, I don't know.. I like to be in touch. I can do without, but why would I want to cut contacts? I do wish FB were more user-friendly (respectful), but it is free, I choose to use it, so find that I can't complain too much as I know they do have to make money somehow. I keep an eye on them though...
As for blogging in assoc/w FS... I try to keep it clean and tactful, with no details. I think I'd do the same with any job.

Brooke S. said...

I am almost strictly a blogger these days. Don't tell my fb friends, but if I really wanted to get in touch with them...I would email :)

I have a question about blogs actually. I will be redesigning and renaming our blog over the next month and I am curious about your take on both personal pics and names prominently placed on the blog. I'm not planning to stop blogging once we are officially part of the state department, but I do want to be a prudent blogger.

I'm mostly thinking about how and weather to use our names (first or last) in the blog title? Can you imagine a situation where I wouldn't want to have our names out there? Maybe just first names? Not last? What about pictures? Would it be wiser to avoid pictures of us (especially my husband) in the header or am I being paranoid?

Anyway, I thought who better to advise me on blogging in the state department than you?

Anonymous said...

Can I just say that I'm DARNED GLAD that you are down with the online media?

'Cause it wouldn't be half as fun out here in the State blogosphere/Twittersphere/Facebooksphere without ya!

And I'm wicked jealous of all the bloggers you run into! That's too cool!

Anonymous said...

Darnit, David!

Digger said...

Can't spread that rumor David, any more than I could spread the rumor that chocolate is evil. Because even if it is, I am addicted!

Anonymous said...

Just re-read this.

DS told all the new hires that blogging is bad?

Crystal Rain said...

I usualy don't comment but I love your blog and I constantly read the blogs on your blog roll. I blog (now), am absolutely addicted to FB. I don't twitter but one day I might, who knows. I have myspace but really never check it now. I'm like you, I refuse to get a IPad (well that is what I say now). There is nothing wrong with any of it. If I wasn't on FB, I wouldn't be able to keep up with my family and friends in NJ. My privacy settings are done right. Not everyone can see every status. There aren't any pics on there that can cause any harm.

I love the FS but I need to stay connected!