Thursday, May 13, 2010

Of course

I'm ready.

I have the document started in ePerformance. I have all of the information in a word document.

Everything has been scrubbed by two senior Foreign Service Officers who I respect (one of whom I would work for again any time, any place. He walks on water...and not in an EER kind of way).

I have my bosses proxy, so I can actually move things through ePerformance pretty quickly (seriously, NOT efficient to move it back and forth between the employee and supervisor that many times. Dumb. We are busy people...did you notice the uptick in hiring we are doing? It is because we have too much work for too few people. This silliness is a collassal WASTE OF TIME).

But no matter. I'm ready.

And of course...

HR Online is down. And I will not be here tomorrow or Monday.

And it has to be signed sealed and delivered by next Friday.

So it needs to be done today. Really two weeks ago. But definitely today.

Just shoot me.

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Anonymous said...

I hate ePerformance.