Friday, May 21, 2010

Bike To Work Day

So apparently May is Bike to Work Month. I didn't realize that until today, when I actually read one of the fliers they have posted on every elevator. I seldom actually read the fliers because I have discovered that my cell phone, which I can use to check my email, also functions as a magical elevator summoner. If I pull it out and start checking my mail, the elevator comes immediately (because you can't check your email IN the elevator). But if I don't, I have to wait.

I do NOT have an email addiction. I just don't want to keep any of you waiting for a response!

Anyway, in my defense, I DID know that today was ride your bike to work DAY. I saw lots of people doing just that.

I didn't ride my bike (or my wife's for that matter, since mine is a $58 Walmart special. No, I am not exaggerating). I drove.

I like the idea of biking to work. I hope to start doing it when I head over to FSI next month.

What I don't like is the idea of my coworkers commenting on how bad I smell.

I am from the South. Like seriously from the South. Like American Indian indigenous to the South and really really acclimated to heat kind of from the South.

I don't glisten. I sweat. Serious sweat...buckets of water kind of sweat. And my lovely wife has informed me that this sweat, especially after running (yes, I am still doing it...I am up to week 8 of the Couch to 5K program), doesn't smell good.

And at least I do that in shorts and a t-shirt. Do people who bike in every day take a shower at work? Every day? Do they bring their suits with them? How do they keep them from being wrinkled?

If I could answer these questions, I would be far more inclined to bike to work. Or at least get my tires pumped so I could consider it!


melissa v said...

Luckily, my office has a small, slightly scary gym that has some pretty nice bathrooms with showers. When I bike to work (which isn't often enough), I'll take a quick shower there. I have a full suit and a dress hanging behind my door, and a bag of toiletries under my desk.

I have a friend in HR at Annex 1 who bikes to work from Huntington every Friday, and she goes to a gym (I think at Main State) to shower and get ready. She also keeps a change of clothes at work.

Anonymous said...

Haha. Its okay, I sweat buckets too. It really really sucks when I get it in my eyes while running. One time, after running, I was sweating (obviously) and I felt a drop of water on my cheek.

I thought it was, just me sweating

Anonymous said...

This is the dilemma that keeps me from biking to work, too.

Anonymous said...

I used to bike to work when I lived in Copenhagen, pre-State career. I found the trick was to bike real damn slow. Don't think of it as exercise (i.e. running) but a way to get from here to there (i.e. walking). Of course, that requires you to live close to work. I'm planning to live at Oakwood Rosslyn when I return to FSI this fall and bike into language training, regular "work" clothes, shoes, and all. Will let you know how it goes!