Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 17 - Save the Date!

We will be having our regular GLIFAA lunch, Thursday, March 17 at 12:55-1:35.

We are meeting in a room just outside the FSI cafeteria...of course, I don't have the room number with me, but I promise to post it tomorrow. Mostly I just wanted you to plan to be there.

Yes you.

I don't care if you are LGBT or not.

We LOVE allies!

ON EDIT: We will be in room F2304. See you there!


hannah said...

I personally find myself restricted by your Roman-script-norming. I prefer to identify under the Arabic letter م‎. ;-)

CC said...

Wish I could be there - but that's our pack out date from Berkeley. I'll be there for the next one!

The Red Menace Abroad said...

Wish I could be there tomorrow....I'll definitely show up once I'm officially on board :)