Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Oh, Hello Wall!

Walls hurt. They leave bruises.

I felt like I hit one on Monday.

I was just feeling stupid. Like simple things I should know weren't coming. And to top it off, there is the guilt.

Yes, guilt.

I was raised Catholic. I have said before that we have a guilt sponge inserted at baptism and for the rest of our lives, whether we practice Catholicism or not, we will absorb any free-floating guilt in the room and make it our own.

I just have this overwhelming feeling that our teacher is disappointed. Disappointed in me.

For today's fun, we decided to add a bit of panic to the bruises and guilt.

I was just discussing with my classmate my feelings of guilt and my fear that I wouldn't get a 2/2 on my next progress test. And my classmate suggested that maybe I could take the test after my immersion trip, which is coming up in a couple weeks.

And I thought, yeah, a week of immersion in language, I'll be good to go!

But no.

We got back to class, and out of the blue, our teacher says, "so we need to schedule a progress test before you go to Estonia."


Yes, before. Because I have to be in the range of a 2/2 before I can go.

In the range of apparently being the key phrase. She said not to worry, I was in the range.

Okay, but what if I don't test that well? I have already paid for my ticket! I am supposed to leave in like 22 days!

And of course, to me, in the range of means, no, not yet a 2/2.



Donna said...

You goofball. "In the range of" obviously means "you will get your 2/2." So stop worrying already.

As a practicing Catholic, I hereby offer to take your guilt and hang onto it for you until after you test. (I'd take the test for you, but then I fear you'd be more in the range of a 0/0.)

You'll do fine. You're a language geek!

Bryn said...

I have heard of people completely bombing their tests and still being allowed to go on the emersion trips. I'm sure you'll do great!!

Anonymous said...

I understand the guilt sponge. But, you need not worry because you'll do great

Anonymous said...

SRSLY!!! Why are you stressing about this. This is FSI. In a boutique language. You'll get your 2/2 AND get your immersion trip.

Digger said...

While it is a boutique language, we have a very good teacher who takes her work very seriously. So I know if I get a 2/2 I will have deserved.