Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome to the 119th Specialist Class!

Today starts the 119th Specialist class!

We have two Foreign Service bloggers in this class:

Foreign Obsession

Seltzer Water and Other Things

Tabbies In Tow

I will be moving them today from the list of Future FS bloggers to the FS bloggers blogroll.

Welcome to the Foreign Service!


ForeignObsession said...

Yay! Finally I am in! = )

Anonymous said...

yayyyyyyy :)

Here's my new blog address

Anonymous said...

FYI; "Seltzer Water and Other Things" is a bad link.

Digger said...

I fixed the link...there will be a GLIFAA lunch on the 17th (I'll post the time is on my calendar at work) and we LOVE allies!

Yellow Flower said...

Welcome to all of my new OMS colleagues!! Sign up for the Welcome Committe while you are at FSI too!!

ForeignObsession said...

@Digger I am definitely a supporter/ally. We may be "working" through lunch tomorrow. But do know I am a supporter. = )

I have signed up. = )