Thursday, March 24, 2011

Amazing Race: Estonia Leg 1

Welcome to the Amazing Race. This is a race from Washington, D.C. to Estonia and back. Two Estonian language students will compete for an (almost) all expenses paid trip to Estonia for three years. Along the way, there will be tasks you must complete in order to continue.

This is the Amazing Race Estonia!

Here is your first clue:

Make your way from Washington, DC to Tallinn, Estonia. Fly into the airport and rent a car. Make your way by car to an apartment on Roosikrantsi, and wait your next instructions.

So we caught the 10:50 flight from Dulles to Frankfurt. And I have a confession...I felt a true sense of panic when I hit Frankfurt. It was a total Jerusalem flashback. I thought, oh my god, what am I doing? I don't want to live overseas. Living overseas is AWFUL! I want to go home. I can't go through this again.

It took me until the next morning for the feeling to completely pass (but it did...I'll get to how awesome this place is in a bit). Anyway, we made it to the airport in Tallinn, which as you can see from the picture, is interesting looking. We made our way to Budget, where we had a reservation for a car. My classmate brought his GPS, so we were able to find our colleague's apartment pretty easily. It is a really nice place (covet, covet...hmmm...he IS leaving right before I arrive....) and you can see Herman Tower from his living room. It is walking distance to the old city and so guess what we did for dinner?

We walked to the Old City.

And ate at an Indian Restaurant.

Don't judge me. It was his suggestion and really good.

You have reached the pit stop for this leg of the race. You have a mandatory rest period before the next leg.

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