Friday, March 11, 2011

Immersion Trip, Here I Come!

For me, today had a very auspicious beginning...(not so much for Japan. I have several friends there, including two folks I have served with and one of my very favorite A-100 classmates. I hope you will join me in keeping them and all of the people in Japan in your thoughts and prayers.)

I woke up in a really good mood. You wouldn't think I would have, since I had my progress test today. The one I needed to do well on because you are supposed to be within a 2/2 range in order to go on an immersion trip.

Which I am scheduled to eleven days. The ticket is already purchased.

And yet I did. Our new kitten was cuddled next to me, my dog was snuggled at my feet, and our other cat come over to see me as soon as the alarm went off. I snuggled with all of them.

I had class for two hours and felt really relaxed...that NEVER happens to me before a test...ANY test.

And then there was the test.

I was a little nervous but not terribly so. And I felt pretty good with my performance. Not perfect, but where I felt I should be.

And I got the score I needed.

The LTS made me feel pretty good...she said that I seemed very comfortable and fluid when I was speaking, which she said was hard to do with these hard languages. And she said I was very good at talking at my level and at talking around something if I needed to say something or understand something and didn't have the words.

That said, I could tell exactly when my teacher was pushing to see how far I could stretch. I didn't handle that part as well as I had hoped. All I can say about that is "ow ow ow. Brain cramp."

But it is I can relax.


Donna said...

Well, of COURSE you passed! Congratulations - we knew you could do it.

Kristen said...

Great job! I'm sure that is a wonderful feeling! You definitely deserve a fun relaxing weekend after today. And I hope that your friends in Japan are safe. I'll be praying!

Digger said...

I wasn't sure I would get the score I needed...I figured they'd let me go on the immersion anyway, but I was nervous!

Now I just have to refrain from doing a dance and telling every stranger I meet!

Shannon said...

YAY! I'm sure that is such a relief.

Daniela Swider said...


Nomads By Nature said...

Do the dance. Life would be really boring if we all held back that crazy celebratory footwork when it's what life exactly calls for! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

congrats ;)