Sunday, March 27, 2011

Amazing Race Estonia: Leg 5

Make your way to Koeru, a village east of the road from Tallinn to Tartu. Find a small home on a side road belonging to the Aunt of one of your teachers and deliver a package. Warning: Road block ahead.

I want to start off with my only complaint so far about the trip. No one should have to go through daylight savings time change twice in two weeks. Estonia is two weeks behind us in springing forward, so I got the joy of doing that for a second time. I don't approve.

We made our way to Koeru. I drove most of the way, until we got to a small side road in Koeru that was entirely ice. Then I turned the wheel over to my classmate, who has more than 1.5 hours experience driving a stick shift!

Koeru is tiny...teensy tiny. No stoplight kind of tiny.

But thanks to our teacher KK's directions, we found her aunt's home with no trouble. However, since we were nearly an hour early, we drove around a bit.

We found a store that has a big sign saying "Avatud Iga Päev" or, open every day.

But as you will notice from the sign in the window, it is "suletud," or closed, on Sunday. Guess that is not a day.

We also found this interesting church...the stained glass looks oddly like a bomb shelter sign to me...

The "window" just above the stained glass is a door...wouldn't want to walk out of that accidentally!

Anyway, we made our way to KK's aunt's house. MV was incredibly nice. We gave her a gift sent my KK. She made us an excellent lunch of ham, potatoes and saurkraut, followed by a cake she made. Yum! I am still stuffed, six hours later.

ROAD BLOCK: A Road Block is a task that each participant must do alone. In this road block, interview MV about her family history and draw her family tree. Find out where she has travelled and wants to travel.

So I interviewed MV and found out she has travelled to all sorts of places, particularly in the former Soviet Union, but has never made it to America. I hope she comes to visit. Once we finished with our visit (and let me tell you that carrying on a conversation in Estonian for two hours is EXHAUSTING!), we headed back to Tallinn. We arrived at our colleague PM's apartment in time to wander a bit in the Old City of Tallinn.

And clearly, this place is already throwing out the welcome mat for me (I was too polite to tell them Carolina is spelled with a "C").

And for those of you who watch the real Amazing Race, and saw the season where they came to Estonia, I thought you might regognize this door:

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