Monday, February 14, 2011

Not in Kansas Anymore


We spend the weekend in Kansas visiting my wife's sister and our niece.

Egads, kids are exhausting!

We had a hysterical flight attendant on the trip back. You know how they do the safety announcement that everyone except my wife tunes out for? Well, I was suitably tuned out when I hear her say, in a very slight British accent, "Those fabulously comfortable seats you are sitting on also double as flotation devices."

Wait, did she say fabulously comfortable? That's not in the script!

Then she points out the call button for the flight attendants, and warns us they do not get a quicker response the more times they are hit, especially after the fifth time. And while they were about to turn off the cabin lights, "those passengers who are afraid of the dark can switch on the overhead lights."

Okay, if you really want me to pay attention to something, anything, make me laugh.

When she came through with the drink cart, she said:

"I will be coming through with a beverage cart. It is very heavy, and if it hits you, it will hurt. So if you have valuables, such as body parts, in the aisle, you should remove them now."

Too funny!

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