Sunday, February 06, 2011

Helping Cairo Pets Meeting TODAY at 2 pm

Another message from the Foreign Affiars Friends of Animals Network:

Dear colleagues –

The daily Warden Messages from Embassy Cairo have reflected a steadily more accommodating approach to American citizens who are still in process of evacuating and seeking transportation for their pets.

Meanwhile, for Embassy personnel who have already evacuated, Dr Paul Beighley reports on Escape Cairo “some encouraging news that we may be able to get some pets out on the military flight on Wednesday.”

If this Wednesday flight does happen, a network of volunteers will likely be needed to provide short-term care for some of these cats and dogs.

- In preparation for this, we will meet at the AFSA office, 2101 E Street NW in DC today, Sunday Feb. 6, at 2 pm. Let us know if you can make it.

- If you can’t come to this meeting, but are potentially available to provide short-term fostering in the DC area for a USG dog or cat, please let us know.

Thanks so much to all who responded to our earlier message on this subject. We look forward to meeting with you today, and to working with you in the days ahead to help USG pets!

Susan and Alysoun


Unknown said...

I really appreciate the action you are taking on this issue. As an FSO with dogs it means a lot there are advocates out there for us!

Donna said...

There's actually a nice kennel in Amman, on the airport road. Perhaps they could get them here temporarily and kennel them? Not the most elegant solution, but it could be quicker and easier than trying to ship them wherever their owners ended up.

Gabby said...

I got word of the need to foster pets from colleagues in Istanbul. Please provide more details at the soonest as I may have identified 2-3 families willing to assist! Thanks.

Diplogeek said...

If I weren't going on an immersion to Taiwan in about two weeks, I'd absolutely volunteer to take on an animal. If there's still a need after we get back (early March), I'd be prepared to foster someone's pet until I have to leave for post.