Saturday, February 26, 2011

Make That Letter Real

The letter that Four Globetrotters wrote to her representatives is amazing. It really brings home some of what we experience, and why we earn every dime and then some of what we earn overseas. I hope her Reps read it all, and I hope you do to. And model yours after it. It is very moving.

And while you are at it, go check out Diplopundit's 10 Ways to Debunk the Myths to Congress and Elsewhere about our "cushy" lives.

I especially like #5 and #6:

5) State has always called its FSOs smart; logic follows, they are smart enough to know what not to blog. Take the gag off FSOs. Allow them to blog about their lives in vivid, true colors, warts and all without a career penalty. Not in DipNote, silly [Action: STATE All hands; FSO]

6) Educate post management that every quietly shuttered blog is one less advocate for the Foreign Service. [Action: STATE/HR, EMB, FSO/EFM]

You should read that whole post too.

And above all, write your Congressmen. And get your family to do it. The lowest paid of the Foreign Service shouldn't be the only ones taking a pay cut, especially a 24% pay cut, especially because we have been guilty of putting too happy a face on what we do.

Yes, Congress, we love our jobs. Those in the military love their jobs too, but you don't cut their pay because of it.

We love our jobs because we love our country. Don't punish the lowest ranks of us for it.


ForeignObsession said...

As usual you say what I think. I am totally borrowing some of your words. Don't worry, I gave you credit. = )

Here is the link:

Jill said...

A great letter indeed! I sent off my letters last night ... to my 2 senators and congressman. I forwarded this on to Matt so he can write his too... Frustrating ... really frustrating!