Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Becoming Stupid

This week, we are getting introduced to the "become" case.

Basically, adding a "ks" ending means that something is becoming something.

Like, I wanted to become a teacher. Or something makes me happy (becoming happy).

Except when it means that something if for a specified time period.

Or when it indicates the goal of the action of the verb.

Or the order in which things occur.

Or when it makes something conditional.

Don't you just love things with varied meanings (like the word we have that means either or both, and the other that means always or never)? And I just suck at figuring out which is should be.

In related news, I can now say "Ma olen rumalaks."

Or, I am becoming stupid.

Oh, and here is an embarrassing flub waiting to happen. We are having a party Friday for Estonian Independence Day. I will take part in a presentation in Estonian.

I will be talking about flags: lippud.

And hopefully not prostitutes: lipud.

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