Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy 93rd Birthday Estonia!

Okay, really it is tomorrow.

But the reception for area diplomats was today at the Estonian Embassy.

The building is beautiful and the company was great. I had a really good time, despite having to wear a suit and work shoes (FSI really has me spoiled!).

The food was good too, but dangerous. I managed to wear a couple of the things I tried. My wife, who is normally more graceful than I am, did as well.

Thank goodness for dark sweaters!

You might have noticed that I said happy 93rd birthday. Estonian Independence was first declared on February 23, 1918 and published the next day. But that independence only lasted a few days. They were a tromping grounds for the Germans and the Russians and finally signed a peace treaty with Russia February 2, 1920.

But wait! Weren't they part of the former Soviet Union?

Right you are! And they will celebrate their second independence, the one from 1991, in August. But we, the United States, never recognized the Soviet occupation of Estonia as legitimate, and so Estonia maintained an embassy here during the entire period.

So, Estonia, soovin õnne iseseisvuspäevaks!

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