Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Fearing the Firehose

We started out the day with an introduction to the lab. The lab supervisor wanted to show us everything available to us, so she had control of all of our desktops and got to do all the pointing and clicking. It is almost like she knew I would have been exploring around on my own (look...shiny thing!) rather than seeing everything that was available...

She also exposed me for the dork that I am, when she asked the 32ish of us in there who had already purchased 3x5 index cards and sharpees, and I was one of only two to raise their hands. (But in my defense, I needed a legal pad and they had pretty colored ones at the store, which is almost like a shiny thing). Now they have all of that on computer, and if I had a cooler phone than I do (damn you AT&T and your monopoly on the iPhone! Let my people (Verizon) have it!), I could even have them on my phone. Now that could be a fun way to do flash cards!

She also showed us how we could get access to Rosetta Stone for free, but warned us that we will "outgrow" it within three weeks. Yep, language learning at FSI by firehose. Fear the firehose!

Of course, my teacher then proceeded to lull us what I know will be a false sense of security by showing us all the cognates in this language (despite the fact that my friend who was in this course last year told me there weren't). Awesome! After day one, I have a maybe 50 word vocabulary. But I know it is coming. The firehose is coming.

And we will all be drinking from it.

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aelphabawest said...

I've been following your blog since I think you commented on an old one of mine around the time I took the FSOT (passed, didn't make it to orals... will try again next year, perhaps). Good luck with FSI. I feel like the foreign service world is small and crazy because I spent some time last night talking with my landlord/housemate who is going through FSI right now (and all those Myers Briggs tests). What language are you learning? I don't remember reading an entry where that was noted (though I might have missed it).