Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Today we started learning numbers. Estonian numbers are relatively easy (when compared with the rest of the language). So now I can count...sort of. Which means, I can play bingo!

Okay, I am not really into bingo...I was raised Catholic, so the bingo gene is probably in there somewhere, but perhaps it will only emerge once I am a retiree.

But we played in class today with our new numbers, and it was pretty fun. And I won twice, largely because even though both times there was a tie, I have a faster (bigger? Don't answer that) mouth.

Also in class today, I learned that I am not as anonymous as even I think I am.

Oh I know I have joked (half seriously) that how many lesbian, American Indian, former archaeologist, PD-coned officers from South Carolina can there be in the State Department (my guess is one). And friend's will sometimes tell me they liked a particular post I've written (especially the ones who are also Facebook friends, because they can see the blogposts there). But today, one of my classmate's had a friend stop by the class. I introduced myself to her.

And she said, "Oh, I read your blog."

And I had never before met this person in my life.

Oh well.


sclawgrl said...

I read lots of blogs, and I'd recognize many of the bloggers if I ran into them at State. I might think twice about commenting, so at least they can maintain some illusion of anonymity. But then again, I might not. I can see how it would be a bit disconcerting.

Donna said...

See? I told you everybody reads you. And if they don't, they ought to.

(I, too, find it odd when I run into someone who says they read my blog.)

Digger said...

It really does surprise me that people read this...but I guess she surprised me because I don't have my name or picture on this blog. Okay, not entirely true...I have had my picture on here in the past, but only in cases where I was talking about my activities with GLIFAA, and then I never identified myself as the author.