Thursday, September 23, 2010

Brain Cramp

If you have ever studied language for any length of time, you know you have days where you feel like you are really getting a handle on things and days when you suddenly panic and think you know nothing.

Today was a day of that second kind.

I blame one of my classmates.

She was able to accurately use a newly placed chart in our classroom to guess at the proper endings for cases (did I mention we have FOURTEEN cases??) that we have yet to cover. Which left me feeling like holy crap, I am so far behind! How can I not know any of this?

Of course, we haven't studied it yet, so how would I? But you might have gathered we FSOs are a competative bunch, especially with ourselves. So while I don't feel the need to be better than anyone else in the class, I do (unrealistically) feel like I should know everything we HAVE covered perfectly. So to suddenly think I had missed something made me panic. To realize that even though I hadn't missed anything but that there was SO MUCH we haven't even broached made my brain cramp.

A lot.

And then we went to area studies...

I mentioned last week the poor planning that went into room size. So I was delighted to see we moved rooms this week. Even so, I decided I would get to the room early just to make sure I got a seat, and I would eat my lunch there before area studies began.

Glad I did.

This room seems bigger and better laid out...and yet as I counted, it seems to be that fewer people actually got to sit at the table than did last week.

Seriously, isn't there a room that will fit 46 people? Are we really going to have people sitting on cabinets for the next 40 weeks?

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