Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Enough Already!

I confess. I don't like snow.

I used to, back when I was growing up in the south and we got maybe 2 inches every four years or so.

I still liked it when I first moved to Syracuse to work for the newspapers there. But living in Syracuse quickly killed it for me. I vowed never again to live somewhere with an annual snowfall greater than my height (I vow that I may break with my next assignment...need to check that). I'm pretty short, but that still leaves a lot of leeway.

I will admit I enjoyed coming back, after spending three weeks away dealing with estate issues, and having an extra day off. It was like a little respite from all I have been dealing with.

Even the second day was okay. But today, on our third day of the government being closed, I have discovered that I am not meant for a life of tv and bonbons. I would happily return to work if the damned snow would stop and the roads were cleared.

But the snow is supposed to keep going until tonight, meaning that the roads will be awful tomorrow. I am betting on another day off.

We already had 30 inches on the ground in my neighborhood, and are supposed to get another 10 or so before this stops.

Best new phrase for today's snow that I have heard so far: Snoverkill.

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