Saturday, February 27, 2010

Could I have some reorganization please?

So I am reorganizing my blogroll. It may take me a little while, but hopefully I will have it done today.

As you know, I have my blogroll divided in half...Foreign Service blogs from A-L and from M-Z. Okay, actually, it is divided into 3, with "other interesting links," but that doesn't really count. Just admit it, you knew what I meant. So stop giving me a hard time.

Anyway, I'd love to tell you that it was divided that was for ease of reader use. But the truth is, it was operator error. When I first started the blog, I added links without hitting save and so, duh, they didn't appear. I thought that meant blogger had a maximum number of links. And there weren't all that many FS blogs at the time, so I thought, I'd just create two lists!

And it worked...not because I split them but because I started hitting save.

Now you know my dirty little secret.

I am adding them together so that I can stop reliving my own personal shame every time I add a new blog (which is pretty often, as you might have noticed from the size of my blogroll(s).

Like I said, I should finish it up today. And then I promise I have an upcoming post you will just LOVE. I suspect it will give you as much of a laugh as it did me if you are already in the foreign service (though it may frighten you if you are still trying to get I will just assure you know that some things HAVE changed...sort of).

ON EDIT: Okay, it's done.

I discovered in the process that several blogs haven't had new posts in a long time. I have left them on the roll because their old posts may be of interest to you. Several blogs (One of The Cookie Pusher blogs (yes, there are two), Rees Family Bogota, Six Months of Settled and The Navigator) have all gone private/invitation only. I left the links anyway, in case you got an invite (sadly, I didn't!).

Several blogs have disappeared entirely, like Vamenos Let's go. I deleted those links. Others, like The Consuls' Files and Prince Roy's Realm are gone, but the links remain in case the return. For Prince Roy in particular, I know that he is just Facebooking more than blogging these days. I Facebook too, but under my real name, so I keep doing both (though I don't deceive myself that this blog is terribly many lesbian American Indian South Carolinian forme-archaeologist Public Diplomacy Officers can there be?).

Some blogs have changed Worldwide Chump isn't gone, he is just now The Kathmandu Diaries. I like the original name better, but as this blog used to be Life IN Jerusalem, I understand changing the name. And I just learned the biggest name change of all. Calling a Spade a Spade, one of my favorite blogs, is now Muttering Behind the Hardline (something we all have done).

And finally, I created a new blogroll for future FSOs. There are lots of them blogging these days and I have not added them to my blogroll (except for Two Crabs). From now on, I will add them there, and then move them to the FS Blogroll once they get in (because ALL bloggers are fabulous and will make it, right? Plus, the bloggers need to wrest the Department from the blog haters).

Finally, I am going to add an aggregator of sorts for some of my favorite blogs. I know you can do it on blogspot. I just need to figure out how.

ANOTHER EDIT: You can stop mocking me now...I added the gadget that aggregates the blogs I really like. If you aren't there, don't be offended. I'm adding things, but I am slow.


Donna said...

"Lesbian American Indian South Carolinian former archaeologist Public Diplomacy Officer?" Is there even a box for that on all those forms? Because it would be a pain to have to write that whole thing into the "other" line every time. Thanks for doing this - I had no idea there were so many other FS blogs out there.

Jen said...

Yes, agreed, your blog roll is a huge service to everyone. Thanks!

Z. Marie said...

No one's mocking you -- I don't think.
Thanks for moving the Twitter feed down, by the way, sometimes it blocked access to the links at the top of the first list. (I see very little, if any, value in Twitter myself, but every now and then something good pops up.)

Digger said...

I had noticed that when I was organizing my blogroll, which is why I moved it. I use twitter only once in a while, but I do like to see what others are saying on it.

Z. Marie said...

And you'd think that as a fellow American Indian South Carolinian who took an archaeology class in college that I'd have had a decent shot at making the aggregator. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for providing the list of FSO hopeful blogs.