Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What I'll Be Missing

I confess.

I have benefited from another's misfortune. An infant's even.

Please don't think I am a bad person...I didn't mean to.

My classmate has missed the past two days of class because her baby has been sick. Nothing super serious, thank god, but even so, her staying home was completely understandable.

It also meant I got our teacher all to myself.


And ouch.

Being alone in language class is exhausting. But it is also awesome.

In just two days, I already feel like I have improved. I have gotten to focus on what I need to work on completely selfishly.

I have loved it!

It also annoys me though, because had I gotten to test on the day I originally scheduled, before the "priority testers" came in and snatched my time, I would have gotten nearly a week of one-on-one. And I can see how much I could benefit from that right here at the end. Because I can see how much I benefited from these two days.

Only two weeks and a day left before test day.

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