Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tomorrow: GLIFAA A-100 Lunch!

Tomorrow, June 16, we will have our regular GLIFAA brownbag for the 161st A-100 class. I think it is in room F1210, but I have to check when I get to work in the morning to be certain. What I am certain of is that we will be meeting tomorrow from 12:10-12:50.

LGBT but not in the current A-100? NO PROBLEM! Come have lunch with us anyway! The more experienced voices at the table the better?

In the current A-100 but not LGBT? In fact, just happen to be at FSI but not LGBT? NO PROBLEM! Joine us anyway! We LOVE allies!

And I hear a rumor that rumor that the number of LGBT folks in this class blows away all previous class records (yes, a little piece of me, being from what had been called the gayest class ever, died when I typed that).

So this brown bag should be FABULOUS!

Sadly, it is also likely my last...someone else will have to carry the torch, as I take my final test in two weeks and finish training a week later.

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