Wednesday, May 11, 2011

At least we are moving in the right direction...

We got word yesterday that my wife's amended application for in country language training was approved.

Of course, it is still a separation. The amended application is for 22 weeks of study at FSI and 22 in Tallinn.

At least it is going in the right direction. Now it is only 22 weeks apart instead of a year.

While it is a step in the right direction, it still doesn't solve many of our problems.

Like having to be separated AGAIN for the service. We have already done three years apart for the service, and that gets old fast.

Like having to do two moves. Which is going to cost the Department a substantial amount of cash.

Like not getting to rent out our house until February instead of in August, which is going to cost us a substantial amount of cash.

Like having to spend my vacation time coming home to help my wife pack out instead of with the two of us travelling around Europe. And having to pay for plane tickets for her to come to see me at Christmas and me to come home when she is ready to return. Which is going to cost us a smaller, but still significant, amount of cash.

So I am not throwing in the towel. We still have other ideas. But at least we are working from a better starting point.

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