Monday, May 30, 2011

Moving From Thinking to Doing

It has begun.

Without even thinking about it, I have made the transition from thinking about my upcoming move to planning for it.

First thing I plan for, as always, is the pets.

My parrot has to have a permit to be "exported" if I ever plan to "re-import" her again. I didn't know this the last time I went overseas, and there was a period of gut-wrenching panic when I was told that if I didn't get the proper permit before coming home, even though she is a domestic born parrot (she's a native of Mississippi), they would put her down at the border.

Seriously gut-wrenching. I have had her since she was 4 months old...and she is 15 now. She is my baby.

So I have started the process of getting the proper permits. They tell you to give it at least 60 days. I opted for 90 to be on the safe side.

I also know that pet food, while widely available in Estonia, is also expensive. And I don't want to switch their foods. My dog has a sensitive digestive system and my bird is on a very healthy, varied diet that includes pellets she likes that have everything she needs.

I got a coupon in the mail for 10% off at Petco, and thought I would buy a bunch of food and put it in my HHE. Then I went to the website to compare their prices with Petsmart's and discovered they were having a 20% off sale at Petco with free shipping. So I bought a bunch of dog, cat and bird food. I will mail some so it will be there when I get there, put some in my UAB and most in my HHE. This should cover me for a bit.

I also bought myself a new suitcase. I knew this was coming. I have one decent Samsonite that my dad bought me a while back, plus a pretty cheap set of luggage that has seen better days. I am planning on using my trusy old Samsonite and the new Samsonite I just bought for my trip to Estonia. I am also eyeing a Swiss Gear 20" carry on that has a laptop sleeve. I think that would be easier than the backpack I normally carry on. And the sleeve means I can pull out my laptop quickly at security.

I have also begun tossing things, trying to pare down what will need to be packed. I have lists of what I am taking in my UAB, in my HHE, and what needs to go to storage. This would be simpler if my wife wasn't staying behind for six months.

There is still much to do. I have started the process of getting my orders, and I need to send that off tomorrow. I need to go ahead and get travel to purchase my ticket, even though they won't want to. But purchasing it now means guarenteeing a spot on the plane for the pets.

And I need to finish up language. I have 30 days until my final test, and another eight until the official end of my training.

Then I need to prepare my grandmother's house to be rented, squeeze in some vacation and retake the Security Overseas Seminar (required every five years I believe if you are going overseas, and I last took it in 2005).

And then I leave. In 78 days.

I'll be ready by then, right? Right?


Connie said...

Ready? I don't think we're ever really ready, but being organized, way in advance, makes the wild ride a bit more survivable! :)

Digger said...

The question Connie, is does this count as "way in advance?" It almost feels like the last minute!

Unknown said...

78....eek im way less than that. does that mean i have to think about it too?

Heidi said...

I am leaving in like 1.5 days...and I still don't feel ready and my dog issues is driving me bananas. My master plan better work or else I don't know what I will do.

Connie said...

A lot can get accomplished in 78 (77) days! So, hopefully you are 'in advance', and thank goodness for the internet! Even if you can't get things done yourself, you have, at your finger tips, vast resources to help. Our PCS from the US to Cairo was chaos (Cairo to Jordan was somewhat smoother)... but I found all of the things I needed, right there in my laptop... How did people ever manage in the days before we had all this help?!? I know I did it, for many moves, but ??? Good luck, and may time slow down a bit for you, until all of your ducks (and parrot) are in a row, then speed up again to get you and your family out there fast, so you can start settling in to your new home.

sclawgrl said...

I remembered to pack dog & cat food in my luggage, and a new litterbox, but I forgot to bring litter. Had plenty of litter in my UAB and HHE, but the cat can't hold it for several weeks. So, newly arrived at post, jetlagged, exhausted, I paid $40 in round trip cab fares to buy a $10 bag of emergency litter. Gah!