Friday, May 20, 2011

Area Studies and A Visitor

Credit where credit is due.

Area studies yesterday was decent. At least it concerned one of the countries covered by our area studies...though of course, that country was Ukraine.

Still, it was an interesting, if mostly anecdotal, talk about minorities in Ukraine.

Today, we had a visitor in class.

He is a Department employee, but before joining State, he lived in Estonia for a total of six years, two as a Peace Corps volunteer.

His Estonian is better than that of any native born American I have met (not better than any American I have met...our teachers are Americans, but they were born in Estonia to Estonian parents and so have an unfair advantage).

But what was great, and is beginning to give me a glimpse of my missing self-confidence, was that I understood him. Completely.

That made me really happy, and was a pretty good way to cap off the week and put me in the right mindset for my progress test Tuesday.


The Warpiper said...

Good luck on your progress test. I am about one year away from undertaking Spanish for my onward and am not looking forward to it.

Daniela Swider said...

Best of luck on your progress test!