Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Making Life Easier: FAIL

I know that all of the stuff they have moved to online for is supposed to make our lives easier.

Like e-performance.

But, like e-performance, easier if often not the reality. (remember that my e-performance inserted typos...a friend's changed EVERY LETTER to the next letter in the alphabet, making it look like his EER was written in Estonian).

So I spent much of this morning battling with "My Itinerary," which is allegedly going to help generate my orders. And I need my orders so I can schedule my packouts, leave, flights, etc.

I know what I will be doing each of the next 77 days, at least as far as general scheduling is concerned. I know when my training ends. I know when my leave will be. I know when I will be doing consultations. I know when I hope to have my packouts.

But "My Itinerary" thinks that I have overlap dates. I don't.

And it has thrown in, for good measure, three travel dates that DON'T EXIST. At least, the day exists, but I will not be travelling that day. I never said I would be travelling that day. And those travel days are the ONLY thing the system will not allow me can delete. My training that I have been in sinc Sptember is deletable, but not these mysterious travel dates.

They weren't there yesterday. Maybe they will be gone tomorrow.

And another thing...why do I have to put a location in for my leave?? Or at the very least, why isn't "Location: Anywhere But Work" not an option?


ForeignObsession said...

I feel your pain. I get an email this morning telling me that they have my 2nd 30 day voucher, but where is my first. REALLY!!! I turned that in in April. But they don't have it it. I fax the copy and they say...sorry...we need you to submit it through email and have it approved. I don't understand. They lost the original NOT me. Now I have to resubmit? GRRRR!

Okay...so I had the same issue with the "my itinerary"...I have helped many of my classmates with that thing. As useful as it is, it is a pain in the booty.

I think what you have to do is just change your travel date. Just put the date you are "tentatively" leaving and arriving. Take everything else out.

The big thing is to change the date leaving from Post/FSI. Make sure it is your travel date (I think). There can be no gaps or overlaps.

Once you fix the gaps and dates, you can delete the weird dates that seem to magically appear.

I have no idea if any of this makes sense to you. But if it does, great. I apologize if it doesn't.

If I weren't leaving like soon, I would offer to help.

And I am not sure how this works for you. But I was able to book my travel, schedule my pack out, etc without my orders. I just had to make sure I gave them a copy in advance. Like before the movers came and before I was invoiced for my plane tickets.

GOOD LUCK!!! = )

Anonymous said...

I hate that program!!!

Anonymous said...

As I was working on getting to post (my first) it made me put in that I was driving from Spanish, which ended on a Friday, to ConGen, which started the following Monday. It really is a horrible system. But not as bad as the EER workflow system seems to be.

Digger said...

I went with your suggestion, anonymous, and traveled by my POV on those dates, from annual leave to consultations and from my packout to training. What a pain. I tried your suggestion Foreign Obsession and it put a travel day in for when I am really travelling but left the other day in place. Sigh.