Friday, April 22, 2011

I have a date

A date with destiny.

Or despair. Depression. Dementia.

On of those.

That date is July 7.

That is eleven weeks from yesterday.

That is the day I will take my final language exam, the day that I will find out if I get that all important 3/3, if I get to go to post without a language waiver (or if I have to extend in training, thereby making my teacher, who would like to have a vacation too, HATE me). Also the date that I learn if I will be getting language incentive pay. Which I will need to offset the locality pay cut I will take to go overseas.

Thankfully the LTS and other training gods smiled on me and set my test for 2 pm. They had at first suggested it start at 7:30 AM(!), which is a recipe for failure. I don't do mornings.

Of course, this news could not have come at a better time (insert sarcasm here). Right while I am hitting another "Oh my god I am stupid" phase.

My teacher assures me it is actually because I have improved so much that I want to be able to say more and in more complicated ways.

She could be right...or I could just be getting stupid again. It happens in language training.


James said...

Just curious - how many languages do you speak? And how were these acquired?

Digger said...

That depends on how you define speak! My grandfather started teaching me German when I was little. I studied some French in high school and a bit more German in college. I took Hebrew and a short course of Russian through the Department, and they are currently giving me a full course of Estonian. I also picked up a smattering of Arabic in Jerusalem (pleasantries mostly).

sclawgrl said...

Best of luck...may the testing gods smile on you in elevenish weeks!

Bfiles said...

I'm sure you will nail it!