Wednesday, April 06, 2011

How To Screw Those Who Serve

Brought to you courtesy of Congress:

* Freeze federal employee pay. The latest proposal from the Republicans calls for our pay to be frozen for FOUR YEARS. Make this freeze include step increases and promotions. This means that pay will be frozen for nearly 1/4 of a 20 year career, which will also affect our retirement income.

(A report released by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis) said, "Federal workers deserve to be compensated for their important work but pay levels, pay increases and benefit packages need to be reformed to be in line with the private-sector.” Please do...because studies show that white-collar federal employees earn about 25% LESS than similarly experienced people in the private sector.)

* CUT the pay of those serving overseas by 25%, but only those who are in the Foreign Service and then only those in the lowest levels.

* Shut down the government, so that "non-essential" employees can not work and may not be paid...not a problem really, since we don't have mortgages, utilities, kids...oh wait. We do. Just like every other taxpayer.

*Generously offer to continue paying insurance for federal employees, but insist that they pay back their portion of the insurance when the government re-opens, EVEN IF THEY DON'T GET PAID.

*DON'T allow furloughed federal employees to get another job, because that would be considered separation from service. (You didn't really need to eat did you...guess there is more than one way to be inspired to diet...)

*Allow furloughed federal employees to apply for unemployment, depending on the state's rules, bearing in mind that if they DO get back pay, they will have to pay back the assistance they got, including the taxes paid on it. Of course, they won't get that tax money back until they file next year, but hey, who wouldn't want to give an interest-free loan to the government that clearly values you so much?


Anonymous said...

I'm desperately avoiding and suppressing the urge to voice my opinion through my blog, to lambaste this elected government from top to bottom for its inaction and refusal to think outside of the box for once. Instead, I'm in one of my foulest moods in years, and my son and wife are suffering my silent rage.

Thanks, Congress. You make my life easier every step of the way. And thanks, DoS for making it impossible for me to voice my opinions without fear of retribution against my wife and her career.

Land of the free, indeed.

Digger said...

I understand completely Dave. Even what I have said is less than what I want to.

ForeignObsession said...


Devon Whitney said...

Right now, I'm thinking a lot about our decision to join the Foreign Service (my husband as the officer and me as his slightly reluctant partner). One of the MOST compelling arguments he made to me was that during this period of such fiscal distress and uncertainty, a federal job, such as this one, offered something that few private sector jobs could: security.

I don't feel particularly secure right now, in a foreign country with two small children approaching preschool and just barely enough money to get by (the downside of living in Western Europe). The prospect of losing any amount of my husband's salary is terrifying. We simply need every dollar he earns.

This irony is not the kind that makes me chuckle.

I love your blog and it helps me understand so much about the FS and all of the circumstances surrounding it. So, thanks! Now- let keep crossing all our fingers and toes that we don't get completely bent over... by Congress.

Coco Recommends said...

*sigh* *sigh* *sigh* *sigh* *sigh* (The rest of my thoughts aren't up for printing..)

Coco Recommends said...

p.s. I also could use more "diet" and exercise in my life - so this could be the perfect opportunity to live on apples and walk to go pick them!