Monday, April 25, 2011

Welcome to the 120th!

Unless my PJ-induced level of relaxation (I took today off...) has me confused, today is the first day for the 120th Specialist Class, and I wanted to wish them a warm welcome!

We have a couple of bloggers in that class (or at least we do until they get the lecture that may or may not make them stop blogging...sigh. Hang tough y'all!) and I wanted to call your attention to them as I move them from the "Future FS" blogroll to the Foreign Service blogroll.

So please stop over at:



World Craft

and give them a warm welcome!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the welcome!

ForeignObsession said...

I warned them that they may scared away from the blogging world...

Gretchen said...

Hi! I'm an ELO and have a few questions about your experience blogging as an FSO. I e-mailed you a few weeks ago at the e-mail listed on the right side of your blog about blogging as an FSO. Did you get the e-mail? If it got stuck in the spam filter, I can send it again. Thanks! -Gretchen

Unknown said...

Thanks for the welcome. There's a smart way to blog and a dumb way, I've been with the government long enough to know the difference. So I'll stick with the smart way.

Digger said...

Gretchen, it didn't get stuck in my spam filter. I read it on my phone and then answered it in my head!. I just responded. Sorry 'bout that!