Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mul on mantel!

Which means...I have a coat.

I finally bit the bullet. Okay, actually I finally found, after a lot of searching, a price I wanted to pay for a coat that seemed to be of the quality I wanted.

I found a deal on a Mountain Hardwear Downtown Down coat and it arrived yesterday.

It comes almost to my knees (it is supposed to be mid-thigh, but I'm short!) and is 650 count down. It has cuffs on the sleeves to keep the wind out, a detachable hood, and fleece on the inside for extra warmth. It is only water resistant, not water proof, but I found online that I can use Scotch Guard for Outdoor Material to make it waterproof (something very important in Estonia).

I do not, however, think this will be my true winter coat. I think this will be my fall/early winter coat. And maybe my spring coat. This coat has great reviews, but I am not sure people have used this against an Estonian-type winter. And it seems really light, especially compared with my really old down coat (appropriate for going out in the snow but not work), and I don't think that they have come up with great innovation in down, since it is the geese who actually make the down.

I plan to use my wool/cashmere dress coat as my summer coat!


Meredith said...

Do you know any Minnesotans? If I were moving to Estonia and needed coat advice, that's who I'd ask. Alternately, Arctic/Antarctic explorers.

GoingGlobal said...

So I have been reading your blog for quite a while and I dreamed of the day I would see my blog listed on your sidebar with the A-100 start month next to it. Thank you!

Digger said...

Hmmm....Minnesotans. There's an idea. I think I did ask some, but I should try again. Because I am sure I will need a warmer one for the real winter...wish I knew some Arctic explorers to ask.

And GG, I am happy to do it and really happy for you. Hope to meet you when you start A-100.

Consul-At-Arms said...

Perhaps look into a U.S. Navy "bridge coat." It's sort of like a pea coat only dressier.

For serious winter, you should proably be looking into something with an integral or detachable hood, made from bullet-proof wool.

Donna said...

You're not exactly making me want to come visit you. It was in the 60s in Amman yesterday and I think I could've used that coat. I was freezing.

Anonymous said...

Coming from the Eastern Europe part of the world, I would recommend buying your warm winter coat when you get to Estonia. People tend to wear rather warm sheep skin coats - you may like that style, and the selection should be great.