Monday, June 18, 2012

Welcome to the 167th!

Dang it! I missed it again!

It was so much easier to keep track of the new A-100s when I was at FSI. You'd walk in, and suddenly there would be a bazillion people in the cafeteria in suits. They would all have nicely printed name badges.

It is harder to remember when I am not around to see the new folks and to welcome them to the service in person.

So nearly a month late (y'all started May 21, right?), I want to welcome the latest class with a special shout out to the bloggers:

Service Centered



Diplomats In the Mist

Welcome to the Foreign Service!! I have moved your blogs to the FS blogroll!

Now could someone send me a schedule of the upcoming A-100s please? Oh, and tattoo it on my brain?

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