Friday, June 08, 2012

A Touch of Culture Shock

I believe culture shock is inevitable.

Even if a place is awesome, there comes a time in your tour when it hits you. Usually they estimate it hits at about six months, although I had a boss who once told me he liked three year tours because for the first year, you are stupid, the second year, they are stupid, and the last year, everyone is just who they are.

It didn't wait six months to hit me in Jerusalem. It took about two.

And I expected it to hit me here.

But it hasn't...or hadn't. And still hasn't hit in the way I expected.

I love it here. I still love it here. I love everything about it.


It is summer...and it isn't summer.

And I am a southern girl.

I like heat. I want to be in short sleeves outside. Most days so far, the best I can manage is a short sleeve shirt with a light fleece.

So I am a little homesick. All my friends are headed to the beach, particularly my favorite beach (Folly Beach in SC). And it is 90 degrees there.

And barely 60 here.

I thought the winter would bother me...turns out, it is summer I really want.

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