Sunday, April 08, 2012

Welcome to the 166th!

Yeah, I'm late.

I'll spare you all my excuses...I'll try to do better by the 167th in May.

So in the better late than never category, I'd like to welcome the only blogger I know of who joined in this class (though I know someone in the class who has a livejournal account, but I am not sure it is public...)

Compass and Companion


I have moved you up to the More FS Blogs blogroll (since blogger still won't let me edit the old one).

Welcome to the Foreign Service! And let me know if I have missed anyone!


Carmen Dowling said...

Thanks so much for the welcome and the link to my blog. It's been a great A-100 so far and we are all excitedly awaiting Flag Day on Friday!

Best Regards from FSI,
Carmen (LaDipla)

Anonymous said...

My husband was part of the 156th class and I started a blog New beginnings and new adventures. We recently changed the address and title of our blog and I was hoping to continue to be part of your FS blog list. The new title is Life Unexpected and the address is Thank you for bringing so many FS blogs together so we can see what others are experiencing through this life.