Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dear Anonymous

I don't publish assinine comments from people who hide behind anonymity. 

But I will tell you this. We are not "bureaucrats on vacation." We are diplomats working far more hours for a frozen salary than most people ever will, mainly in the hopes of maintaining good diplomatic relations with countries in the hopes of keeping our soldiers out of harms way.

Because diplomacy is far cheaper than war.

And as for paying the ultimate price: more Ambassadors than Generals and Admirals have been killed in the line of duty. We too know we are signing up to risk our lives in the service of this country. We just don't get to carry guns when we do it.


Jake said...

That reminds me of when we were posted to Juarez, we'd go to El Paso to get our hair cut because folks would sometimes target their enemies in barber shops (and I knew Spanish for discussing environmental treaties but not for getting my hair cut). The barbers were former US Military, big burley Mexican-American tough guys. Our conversations would go something like this:

"You live here in El Paso right?"

"No, we live over in Juarez"

"No way I'd go to Juarez, no way! Not without my AK47. You get guns over there?"


"What?! Well your guards have guns right?"


"What?! No way! They have guns."

"No, they do have batons I think."

"What, they have sticks? Sticks to fight off narcos? Oh man, I'd never go to Juarez if I were you."

Kate said...

Hear hear Michelle. Does Anonymous believe that a year in Afghanistan separated from your spouse is a vacation? I certainly don't.

Gretchen said...

Boo on them. Whenever I hear people saying that diplomats are just cookie pushers, that we're overpaid brats, or something equally vile, I always want to tell them to come to Juarez and say that to my face. I don't think many would have the balls to cross the border.

Frosty said...

Thank you for everything you do. For speaking up for the rest of us. I greatly appreciate it.

jc said...

At each of my previous three overseas posts there was an attack on my colleagues during my tour (a roadside bomb, a suicide vest, and an armored personnel carrier full of armed men). Ironically, the closest I came personally to serious harm was at my current post when the SUV I was riding in up-country rolled over more than 360 degrees.

Meridith said...

Ridiculous. While I was in the FS, even when I was on vacation I wasn't actually on vacation. In fact, it was part of my decision to leave. I value personal time, which diplomats significantly sacrifice. I call shenanigans.