Sunday, April 29, 2012

Don't Tell My Wife

Don't tell my wife, but I love BETTY.

Luckily for both of us (and for our marriage), BETTY is a band, not a person.

On of the many cool parts of my job is that I get to bring in awesome artists from America to perform here. And this weekend, we brought in BETTY to do two performances in Tallinn and one in Viljandi.

BETTY is pretty famous stateside, especially among the LGBT community. They are especially known for their performances on the hit series "The L Word," as well as for the theme song of that show.

But their music and their message go beyond that, and the reason we brought them here was to spread their message of tolerance throughout Estonia.

Our selection of venues was deliberate. One was a local gay nightclub, X Baar. That was to give something to the LGBT community here, a community filled with brave souls already involved in activism here. Just last year, this blossoming community hosted Baltic Pride.

Our next venue is a more mainstream local, Kino Sõprus. They will perform there tonight at 8 pm. This will offer a chance for anyone in Tallinn to come out and enjoy their talents.

And Tuesday, we will head out to Club Rubiin in Viljandi, where folks far outside the city will get a chance to watch them perform. This is particularly appropriate because while Viljandi is a ways outside the capital, it is very much a cultural capital in its own right.

These are the days (okay, I know there are a lot of them) when I really love my job.

I love that I get to bring such awesome performers here (and I have to add, genuinely nice people...I spent most of yesterday with them, and they are just down to earth and nice).

I love that I get to spread a message of tolerance throughout a country and community I have already come to love (and who is clearly receptive to this message.

And...I love BETTY.

So please don't tell my wife!

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