Wednesday, April 18, 2012

AFSA’s campaign against United Airlines’ New Pet Policy Is Finally Getting Noticed

Apparently AFSA’s campaign against United Airlines’ new pet policy is gaining notoriety…let's hope that it makes United do the right thing.

In today’s In The Loop in the Washington Post, there is a section called "Foreign Service officers feel dogged by airline" in which Al Kamen discusses the issue (though less seriously than I would prefer).

And there is this in the Federal Times…

and this in AAFSW

And this...

And this From “Carla Runs the World”

and this from Government Executive.

And what have we heard from United Airlines since they said they had no intention of extending the policy to Foreign Service Officers?


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Carla Runs The World said...

Did you see how Delta was named last week on livelines by the most pet friendly airline for Foreign Service? That they extended the military waiver for the summer embargo to FS?

I think we should jump on that ship, email Delta to keep improving their pet policy and they'll have loyal customers -- and then I bet United WILL notice, nothing like praising a competitor and sending money that way...

Said that, I'm still peeved with Delta for not allowing pets on first class of international flights. All those accumulated miles so we could upgrade for nothing :(

(And thanks for the mention!)