Monday, June 21, 2010

Welcome to the 154th and 114th!

Today was the first day for the 154th A-100 and the latest specialist class (if someone out there knows the number, could you let me know? ON EDIT: Thanks to Anonymous for letting me know it is the 114th!).

I didn't get to see and say hi to any of the new folks because I am at FSI and the new classes now do their first day at Main State. And of course, tomorrow is the Secretary's talk on LGBT issues, so I'll be at Main State while they are at FSI! But I promise, I am not avoiding you!

Class so far is interesting, though there was a suggestion early in the day that we were not supposed to eat or drink in the class. That we should consider ourselves warned in case the powers that be come by and "arrest" us.

I said I was far more likely to be arrested if I didn't get my caffeine!


Anonymous said...

It's the 114th Specialist class.

Ando said...

Despite the multitude of "No food or drink" signs, I've never heard of anyone at FSI trying to restrict caffeine intake during class. I shudder to think of how early morning classes would (not) function.