Tuesday, June 08, 2010

2010 LGBT Pride Month: Danny Hall

2010 LGBT Pride Month: Danny Hall

Danny Hall is the management counselor at the U.S. Embassy in London.

He joined the State Department in 1989 after working as an architect in New Orleans, serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines, and running his own small business in Dallas. He is a registered architect and received an MBA from Yale in 1988. Since joining State, he has served in the Dominican Republic, Paris, Slovenia, Washington, PRT Jalalabad in Afghanistan, and now London. Danny was one of the founders of Gays and Lesbians in Foreign Affairs Agencies (GLIFAA), and served as President in 1995-96. Danny was an officer on the Board of the American Foreign Service Association from 2002-2004. He received the Arnold Raphel Award in 2007 for his work with entry level officers.

Danny married Graham James in Westminster Town Hall in London on May 12, 2008. Graham is an actor who has just finished a year- long run in Agatha Christie’s “The Mouse Trap,” at the St. Martin’s Theatre in London. They are both looking forward to their next posting in Helsinki, Finland, where Danny will serve as Deputy Chief of Mission. Both Danny and Graham applaud the efforts of all those who have worked so hard to make recognition of our families possible.

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