Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Pride Month Bios

Today is June 1st, and as you know from the Presidential declaration, that means this is Pride Month.

As part of Pride Month celebrations, the Department has posted bios of some LGBT Foreign Service members and their families. These are the same kinds of bios posted during African American, Women's and Hispanic Heritage Months. The main gallery of bios can be found here. All of the profiles received have been published in the gallery as of today but will be showcased on the Department homepage once every two days.

Here are the individual page urls:

Anthony Cotton

Patrick Wingate

Mallory McLaren

Clayton Bond and Ted Osius

Steven Giegerich

Sherry Smith

Ajit Joshi

Danny Hall

Ken Seifert

J. Michelle Schohn and Mary E. Glantz

Kendra Phillips

Eric Nelson


scott at state said...

hey michelle. this is scott -- was in a100 with mary, and just sat next to you at fsi in our social media course. thanks for adding my blog to your list! i just started it -- i need followers!!!!!!! =)

Digger said...

I had already figured out that it was you!

Destinaish Unknown said...

Inspiring! And some of those USAID mens are handsome :-) Any of them you know of looking for an EFM?

Digger said...

I imagine some are...you should come to the GLIFAA booth at the Pride festival this year and introduce yourself!

Jill said...

That's a really nice bio of you and Mary. And I didn't realize that we were in Israel at the exact same time... :)