Sunday, March 07, 2010

What the election of bigots in Virginia means

I wonder if the people of Virginia realize what they have done in the election of McDonnell and Cuccinelli, particularly in this latest slap at the LGBT citizens of this state.

I knew, when they were elected, that this was going to usher in dark times for LGBT Virginians. And sure enough, shortly after taking office, McDonnell stripped LGBT Virginians from protection against discrimination based on sexual orientation.

So now, if you are an LGBT employee of the state of Virginia, you can legally be fired, or never hired, simply because you are gay.

Cuccinelli took it a step further this week, telling state schools they could no longer offer protection from discrimination for LGBT faculty, staff and students. This means gay professors can be fired or never hired. It means gay students can receive failing grades because a professor doesn't like gays and lesbians.

But none of this is the unintended consequence of this knuckle-dragger's opinion.

Schools that do not have a non-discrimination clause will have trouble recruiting the best and brightest. Not that I am saying that LGBT folks are the best and brightest simply because of their sexual orientation (though of course some of us are the best and brightest in our own right!). Plenty of studies have shown that non-discrimination clauses do more than attract LGBT applicants. They also attract fair-minded straight applicants who want to work for a place that values all of its employees and treats them equally. But that isn't the only way this new policy will affect Virginia's universities to attract the best and brightest, It is because the publications where most academic positions are listed will not allow listings from schools that do not have a non-discrimination clause. So all the scholars looking for their first (or fifth)teaching post will never see an ad for a school no non-disrimination clause in the Chronicle of Higher Education because it won't be there. It isn't permitted.

Likely our rankings in the Princeton Review will fall too.

All because Cuccinelli and McDonnell are bigots.

I eagerly await the day when I can move from this state to a place where my service to the country is valued and where I am a full citizen.

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roysie said...

What a terrible step backwards for our state.